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Cold Brew Oolong

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2.12 oz | 12  tea bags | Makes 25 cups (200 fl oz)

  • Spring harvested.
  • Complex taste.
  • Smooth, full-bodied texture.
  • Long lasting pleasant natural sweetness finish.
  • Boosts metabolism, reduces bloating.

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Health Benefits

Regulates digestive system
Boosts metabolism
Beats bloating

Origin: Taiwan | Ingredient: Premium whole leaf | Caffeine: Low

Completely additives & sugar free. Made of high quality whole leaf. Does not contain broken leaves, fannings or dust. Suggest drink plain. If desire extra flavor,  recommend adding a small piece of lemon peel.

Water suggestion: Purified / filtered


• Put the tea bag in a bottle (17 fl oz or above)

• Fill it up with 17 – 20 fl oz of cold or room temperature water

• Shake it for 30 seconds

• Wait for 5 minutes and enjoy it!

2.12oz | 12 Teabags
Makes 25 cups (about 10 venti-sized cups)

5 out of 5

It does brew in just 5 minutes! The best oolong tea I’ve ever tasted. It’s delicate without loosing the flavor, refreshing and it does brew in just 5 minutes! Personally, I’m not a big tea lover but will definitely enjoy Margo’s Tea every morning for a good start of the day.

5 out of 5

It’s really ready to drink in less than five minutes. This tea tastes great, smooth and refreshing and it’s really ready to drink in less than five minutes. 🙂

5 out of 5

Surprisingly rich taste. The genuine cold-brew oolong tea has a complex aroma and taste that is much richer than white and green tea, an unusual drink from Margo’s with surprisingly rich taste, bitter taste bouquet. Behind this unique floral flavor is the highest quality of dried and passionate creation.

5 out of 5

Beautiful, refreshing tea, rich yet delicate aroma and flavor, and the best part……it takes less than 5min to make it Love it!

5 out of 5

It’s definitely left an impression on me! It tastes delicious! It’s very refreshing. I’d love to drink it all the time. There’s so many health benefits!! It’s definitely left an impression on me!

5 out of 5

It is premium product. We got the sample and this tea is really refreshing, especially colder. Only 5 min brewing is giving possibility to use it almost everywhere and at any time. At first glance you can see, that it is premium product.

5 out of 5

It had a smooth and Earthy taste to it. I tried their cold brew oolong tea, it had a smooth and Earthy taste to it, it grew on me. Their customer service is terrific. I just love supporting someone’s passion turned into a business, you know they truly care about you and the quality of the product they offer.

5 out of 5

This was absolutely delightful. I’m not normally a tea person, but this was absolutely delightful. Even my kids enjoyed it! I can definitely see this becoming a favorite come summer time. And if a tea novice like me can make it, anyone can. You need this tea, I promise you won’t regret it.

5 out of 5

It was totally complex so many different flavors at once. I really enjoyed this tea, it’s got a flavor unlike any other. I was thrown off thinking it would be regular old boring tea, and nope! it was totally complex so many different flavors at once. My son and husband also really liked the tea! My husband is a regular tea drinker and was definitely surprised as well in a good way! I would recommend this tea to others it brings a nice variety to the tea business.

4 out of 5

It was my first time having oolong. I enjoyed the cold brew oolong. it was my first time having oolong and I’d most likely would buy it and have it again 🙂

5 out of 5

It was super good. Got a free sample & try it out it was also fast shipping ! Try it out it was super good & claiming to the soul ! Also the people that gave you the sample was super nice u gotta try it out for yourself ! Much love thanks for the tea once again 🙂