1. Plucking

Premium grades teas require experienced pickers to select and pluck the finest leafs which are ready for the production. During the plucking, pickers select the right leafs and remove the unwanted part of the tea tree to assure the quality and refreshing taste of Margo’s.

2. Solar Withering

Solar Withering is the 1st step to kickstart the oxidation and fermentation processes.

3. Fermentation

Fermentation is a long procedure which could up to 10 hours. Plucked tea leafs are kept in a constant temperature and humidity room. The time, temperature, and humidity control plays the key part to determine the aroma.

4. Fixation

Fixation is the final and most crucial step to determine the tea’s flavour, texture, colour, and aroma.

5. Kneading & Rolling

Kneading and rolling is the step that locks in and intensifies the tea’s flavour. It is a long repeating process.

6. Drying

Drying is the step which reduces tea’s moisture content to the ideal level for the final packing process.

7. Screening

Before packing, there is a final screening procedure to remove the dusts and fannings to assure Margo’s signature smooth taste and texture.