Margo’s Tea is the story of love and devotion.


Team Margo is a group of like-mined tea-enthusiasts who has been researching, producing, and enjoying tea for more than a decade of our lives. At Margo, we condense the premium tea-drinking experience into convenient tea-bags in order to fit in our modern day lifestyle. We believe our tea-drinking habit enrich our health and bring wellness into our life. We welcome you to join us and enjoy the best quality tea.

May 2017

After months of research and tea-tasting, we’ve decided to start our own premium tea brand.

Jan 2018

After months of hard-work in redesigning the packaging and refining the taste, Margo’s Tea will officially be launched on Kickstarter this January. Pre-Order NOW.

June 2018

Pop-up tea-tasting will be hosted in major cities in the U.S.

Our Story

Los Angeles, Summer 2009

Margo, who was moving across the globe to start a new chapter of her life, stood at the LAX boarding gate, and gave the city one last, long look. “Here is to the new beginning!” she thought to herself. Determined and excited, she picked up her bags and stepped on board with the man she loves.

While living happily with her new family in the new city, the local tea-drinking culture has started to rub off on her and has become something that she now fully incorporated into her healthy lifestyle. Yet, it wasn’t till that one deciding trip with her husband to the hidden tea plantation in a misty mountain in Taiwan has she changed her perception of tea. The plantation owner, who is not only an old family friend of the husband’s but also has over half a century of experiences in making the finest tea. He welcomed them with cups of freshly cold brewed tea that lingers. The naturally sweet tea had the silkiest and smoothest taste that could only come from being grown at a high altitude plantation with the purest soil, clean air and water. One sip, Margo was in awe and forever hooked.

Now we’d love to share that unique experience and bring you the finest premium cold brew tea.